Projects Implementation

KRECS LTD has and is still undertaking into implementation some projects on behalf of government (REA) inorder to increase customer connections more especially households in the Rural Areas where KRECS LTD operates in the whole of the central service territory and below are some of the projects under implementation.

1. Revolving Fund Project

This project was inaugurated in 2015 and is also aimed at increasing connections to households and small business owners who have no capacity to pay for a connection by themselves due to high costs. The revolving fund project is an initiative by REA which established a fund that can provide connection materials throughout the year to the concessions. The materials include meters, cables, circuit breakers and other connection accessories.

Government is required to do the sourcing of the funding to secure connection materials and provide to the utility which will then connect consumers and recover the cost of connection based on the approved rates by the regulator. The reimbursed money from the consumer is then reimbursed to REA. KRECS LTD has so far added a total of 700 domestic household under this project and more connections are ongoing. The Subsidized cost is 98,000/= that is required to be paid by the client as compared to 470,000/= previously charged.

The President Commisioning one of the Electricity Lines in the Central Service territory where KRECS operate.

2. Kanyegaramire Solar Project

This project was inaugurated in 2015 and is also aimed at increasing connections to households and small business owners who are off the main electricity grid. This is a community managed project situated in Kanyegaramire Village in Kyenjojo District. This project is funded by the Univesity of Southampton as a case study if well excuted can expand to other rural villages who have the capacity to pay for power but are extremely off the grid

KRECS mandate is to facilitate the connection process to final users and the biggest management part in this project is owned by a small electricity energy cooperative in that area by the community which the project servers. KRECS has so far added approximately 200 Single Phase Users on this solar project and few other clients will soon be added.

The Solar PV Panels that provide Households in Kanyegaramire with Power.
3. Output Based Aid Project

This project is also an initiative by government aimed at providing free connections to final household consumers funded by the global partnership on out put based aid through the world bank (IDA). The project provides for a subsidization of household electricity connection on an out put basis to defray the capital cost associated with obtaining electricity connection. The output Based Aid (OBA) Campaign under ERTII and funded by the World Bank, the Global Partnership on Output Based Aid and KFW is another subsidy for consumers who cannot pay for connections within the first 18 months of the commissioning of a project.The project aims at connecting 132,500 low income households approximately 655,000 beneficiaries) to the main grid within a period of 4 years across the whole country.The project trgets potential customers in two categories below:

(a) Household within the low voltage network of utility operator who need no pole service and are able to pay for energy purchases but are not connected.

(b) Those eligible pooer households identified in the newly electrified area where poverty mapping has been undertaken.

KRECS mandate is to mobilize and sensitize the community, locate them, encourage them to wire and apply for this free connection from government.Todate KRECS LTD has added over 700 low income households to the grid more connections are ongoing on only Mubende-Kyegegwa-Kyenjojo Line (MKK).

Mobilizing memebrs for free Connection in Butunduzi Town Council.

Line Extensions, Densification & Intensification Related Projects

There are several earmarked projects in the central service territory under the above categories that REA is soon comencing their implementation in conjunction with KRECS LTD as private partner and below is a list of some of them.

4. Intensification & Densification

REA also unveiled the densification/intensification programme, which targets potential consumers who are nearby an existing network but cannot immediately connect because they need at least one to six poles to get connection to the grid.

The initiative involves short extension of an existing network and adding transformers to the network. The agency also rolled out energy efficiency promotions and other cost reduction mechanisms through public education and awareness, like exhibitions, media campaigns and through the Ministry of energy efficient bulbs have been distributed

REA in partnership with KRECS LTD wish to promote alternative energy solutions and/or technologies for instance the low cost wiring solution-the ready board and use of prepayment metering system so that the consumers can better, manage their consumption.

KRECS mandate here is to mobilize and sensitize the community, locate them, encourage them to give wayleaves and many vilalges on the Mubende-Kyegegwa-Kyenjojo Line have been already surveyed and earmarked for implementing the above projects. Among the villaes include: Kiranzi, Kigando, Kakabara-Gasani and many other areas along the Low Voltage Power Supply.