Productive Use of Electricity

for social economic transformation in rural areas of Uganda

Among Key Priorities of Uganda are: scaling up rural access to modern infrastructure, promoting non-farm income generation by enterprises. Further, the four petals of Energy Sector Business Renewal Strategy also recognize the need to link increased energy access to supporting energy needed for social services and to promote productive uses and income generation to thousands of Uganda’s rural households.

Productive Uses of Energy can convert into additional sources of income for end-users. Increase their ability to pay bills and recoup investment in grid connection as well as end-use equipment. Increase economic viability of the distribution network through higher load factors (particularly during daytime) and hence offer a base load and higher revenues for operators. Increase the technical durability of energy infrastructure through an improved operator ability to cover Operations and Maintenance costs. Enhance impact of (rural) electrification

Identify key electrical appliances being used and thereafter identify better, energy efficient appliances and equipment necessary for the identified lines of business; Highlight how much electricity such tools and equipment consume (equipment rating); indicate potential sources of such appliances – or adopt the sale of electrical tools and equipment as another profit center (modern utilities are taking this approach); KRECS could also partner with sellers of such tools - this ensures that the community accesses after sales service and maintenance support.

Uganda is ranked among the top 3 most entrepreneurial countries. Unfortunately, close to 90% of startups fail in one year. A PUE program must have business advisory services. Identify and prepare an inventory of Business Development Service (BDS) providers who can extend ongoing advisory support to entrepreneurs; Identify NGOs and other non-profits that could do community training and handholding for free, or at a subsidized cost; This list would be shared with PUE entrepreneurs but should also be available in the KRECS Connections Office.