Get Your House Wired Before Applying for a connection.

Do house installation using a certified wireman/woman who will issue you with a wiring certificate after completion of installation.
After completion of your house installation visit any of our offices and fill an Application Form. You will be required to pay for Inspection fees specified on our pricing chatter.
Our Inspection Team will visit your premises to confirm existing Internal wiring whether it conforms to specified standards by ERA.
Once Internal Wiring is of recommended standards, you will required to pay for the first 10kWh and a meter allocated to you.
Your Application details will be profiled into our Customer Relationship Management System to activate your Meter Reference to enable you immediately recharge your prepaid meter after its commissioned.
A connections team will coordinate with you to have your premise connected onto the grid.
KRECS operates in the Central Service Territory. For more information contact our offices: Telephone 0392 177 236 Email: