The Central Service Territory

The Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda decided to demacate for all electricity distribution service providers across the county and KRECS LTD was given to manage, maintain and distibute electricity in the central service terriroty which covers approximately 13 districts in the central region of Uganda.

List of Districts covered in the Central Service territory

Mubende District, Kyegegwa District, Kyenjojo District, Mityana District, Buikwe District, Nakasongola District, Kyankwanzi District, Kiboga District, Wakiso District, Luwero District, Mukono District, Mpigi District etc..

Commisioned Lines with connections
1. Mubende-Kyegegwa-Kyenjojo Line

Mubende-Kyegegwa-Kyenjojo Line which partially covers mubende district, the entire Kyegegwa District and Parts of Kyenjojo District and some places like; Lusalira Trading center, Bageza Primary school, Precious Primary School, Kibalinga Trading Center Tx2, Gwanika Trading center, Lwemivubo Trading centre, Nabingoola Trading Centre, Kibale Trading center, Butooke Trading Centre, Kibuye Trading Centre, Kako Trading Centre, Kyegegwa Town Council,Rwera Trading Centre, Kyatega Trading Centre, Kikyedo Trading Centre, Kakabara Trading Centre, Migongwe Trading Centre, Rwibale Trading Centre, Mukonomura Trading Centre, Matiri/Kikumbu Trading Centre, Kihura Trading Centre, Kyanaiti Trading Centre, Kasule Trading Centre, Kakasoro Trading centre,Kabweza Trading Centre, Mundama Trading Centre, Bukere-Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Bujubuli, Wekomiire Trading Centre, Kihamba Trading centre, Barwenda Trading Centre, Mairomusanju, Mpara, Nkaaka, Kibira, Kabaya, Hapuuyo, Butubiri, Mukikazi, Butunduzi, Kisojo, Butebe Village, Kyanamugereka, Kisana etc.....

2. Mityana-Bbanda-Lusalira Line in Mityana District

ityana-Bbanda-Lusalira Line in Mityana District which covers areas like; Nakibanga I Trading Center, Nakibanga II Trading Center, Kiwereza T/C, Kajojo T/C, Misigi T/C, Lulagala T/C, Kimuli T/C, Gulwe T/C, Bukiza T/C, Kalyankoko T/C, Bulabakulu T/C, Kigalabi T/C, Maanyi T/C, Kivuuvu T/C, Kabayenga T/C, Serinya T/C, Kambaala T/C, Baanda T/C, Kanyale T/C, St.Kizito T/C, Soweto T/C, Kayanga T/C, Lusalira Landing Site & many other areas.

3. Project Earmarked for Implementation

There are several projects (line constrictions projects) earmarked for management in the central service territory. Under this new model of business developed by REA KRECS Ltd will undertake the below listed projects upon their completion of construction for management in Districts where lines have not yet been commissioned......