Mr. Swaibu Musa Rutangi

On behalf of the Executive Committee of Kyegegwa Rural Electricity Cooperative Society Ltd, I would like to let you know that the establishment of an Energy Cooperative Society in Kyegegwa was nothing but an Idea that came to the minds of a small group of enthusiastic citizens who were keen on developing and serving their community and country in 2012. They all have one thing in common, they were committed to the common good and they share the cooperative ideas as the solution to Energy/Electricity distribution and management of Multi-Technology Electricity services to the community. It was founded to support her members and the community to address the common need for power.We all agreed on the importance and necessity of establishing the cooperative society hence studies and consultations started in early 2012 until we got registered.

At the beginning of the establishment phase, we were hesitating as we feared failure. The idea posed challenges on all levels, but after relying on God, we visited one “Nyabutundu Wilson” a Rural Development Cooperative Officer at Rural Electrification Agency to seek his advice about the Idea. This visit had a great supporting impact on us, as his opinion was decisive and he encouraged us to move forward and not backward, even if we have to recourse to experts in this field and pay high salaries until we reach the necessary experience to run the work on our own which provided us with high self confidence. That is where we started with not more than 100 fully paid up members each paying 70,000= (this included Membership registration and shares).

At that time the BOD had no committees who could be in charge of outing up and executing plans on the light of experienced personnel’s in regard to this challenge, we were tasked to emerge committees to re-examine all our operations and set ups. Thank God we reached our goal after we changed our way of thinking according to the national standards of cooperatives and we maintained our main priority that was set in our 10 year Business Plan of Power Distribution and Electricity Line Management.

It’s worth nothing that during the last 2 years, the success of Kyegegwa Rural Electricity Cooperative Society is due to efforts of everybody namely, the wise Government of NRM represented by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Our dedicated Staff and Management team, members of the cooperative, consumers and all stakeholders. This is enhancing our development though we are still taking up challenges in operating and competition with other service providers in the field, Legislations and laws that govern the work we do which constitute to the major challenge we are taking up in accordance to our service provided to our members and the relevant rules of completion.

Finally, I hope that Kyegegwa Rural Electricity Cooperative Society Ltd become the No. 1 Energy Cooperative in Uganda. After all, we thank All-mighty God who helps accomplish our duty.