We are the only & Sole Distributor of Electricity in the Rural Areas

in the Central Service Territory of Uganda which covers 13 Districts of Uganda as demacated by the Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda

The Preamble

Kyegegwa Rural Electricity Cooperative Society Ltd (KRECS) is an organization owned by the community registered under the cooperatives act 1992 in April 2012 to offer a range of services in distribution, management and administration of electricity to the community. KRECS LTD has identified key success factors for her operations as follows: The membership base that it currently has and the increasing membership potential. The nature of cooperative business being member owned, member controlled and members used that influence the quality of services offered. The need to only offer power solutions, which are based on market demand. The economic justification within her business services that make sense beyond the environmental considerations as it has long term economic value. Opportunities for partnering with the government of Uganda under Public Private Partnership framework KRECS currently distributes and manages electricity in the central service territory of 13 districts in Uganda. The society’s business line is the distribution and management of multi-technology electricity services to the community. It was founded to support her members and the community to address the common need for power.