TEnergy prepayment system has been implemented as an innovative solution to the problem of affordability in utilities services.

The Implementation

Prepaid systems allow users to consume energy only when they have credit in an electricity account, as supply is discontinued when such credit is exhausted.
Prepayment systems results in a decrease in metering, billing, disconnection and reconnection costs.
Prepaid systems may constitute a way to provide more flexible payment options to users with minimal or unreliable income streams.
From the consumer’s perspective, prepayment systems may result in a better understanding of how much energy is being consumed, inducing more control of energy use and budget management.
Prepaid electricity changes consumer’s budget constraint, and so modifies the quantity of electricity he is willing to consume.

Who Uses Prepaid Meters?

Landlords that want to make sure there are no electricity arrears.
Body Corporate that want to pay as they use as opposed to per quota inaccurate billing.
Shops and commercial property owners that want and need to prepay the tenants.
Landlords that have multiple dwellings or rooms and need to bill accurately per usage.
Companies that provide staff accommodation and need to monitor and/or bill staff for usage.
Vacation property landlords like Bed & Breakfasts that want to make sure each users pays according for electrical consumption.

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